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It started with just a puff.

Entrance to Halfway to Habana.
Entrance to Halfway to Habana.

Wine lovers, spirits aficionados, cigar tasters, and food connoisseurs take note. This fabulous cigar and martini bar is one unique place to experience some of life’s overlooked yet finest treasures. Halfway to Habana originally called home in the heart of downtown at the upper part of South Main Street and more recently relocated to a historical building closer to the expanding heart of downtown showcasing Falls Park, the Reedy River and the West End.

Halfway to Habana, easily referred to as H2H, is first and foremost an upscale cigar club and smoke lounge. However, H2H has gone out of its way to accommodate everyone via comfortable yet lush surroundings, an enchanting wall of wine bottles and a whimsical color-rotating back-lit bar that will suddenly cause you to linger and relish all that H2H has to offer.

Folks searching for a classical place to seek out the perfect cigar will find the cigar humidor expansive. One can either purchase a cigar there or should you find yourself becoming a regular, you can keep your stash of cigars in your own humidor locker situated near the entrance of the bar. Further into the bar to the right is a timeless smoking lounge decorated with rich leather couches and chairs, a fireplace, a flat screen television and surround sound.

The entire bar is outfitted with a superior air cleaning system so you can appreciate the wafting smells of nearby cigars without experiencing billowing clouds of smoke puffs. Note that cigar & pipe smoking is allowed only - no cigarettes.

Starting with the wall of wine, H2H exceeds local bar standard choices. In addition to the large list of wines of many varieties and from many regions, they even offer their own house wine at an exceptional price.

The menu next lists a massive selection of specialty martinis. Elegant, classy and sophisticated, the Poinsettia Martini combines Grey Goose vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice. Or encounter Cold River vodka, a gluten-free potato based vodka from Maine. A respectable beer list is offered including many selections from Greenville’s own Thomas Creek brewery.

Imagine sophisticated appetizers, salads and meals at affordable prices. H2H handles that request quite capably. The food presentation itself is well thought of and a pleasure to experience.

That’s not all. H2H strives to keeps things interesting and mega-entertaining by continuously offering special events like rum tastings, vodka tastings, a Go-Go night costume/dance contest and even a scotch-off which is a fun competition for anyone who thinks they know their scotch.

As you navigate back around the front of the bar where the restrooms are located, be sure to glance at the large photo and testimonial of owners Paolo Varvano and his wife Debra where they share how Halfway to Habana achieved its birth.

When you find yourself strolling along the spectacular Liberty Bridge wishing the pleasant evening will never end, head directly to Main Street and visit Halfway to Habana. Located at 631 South Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601, phone number 864-232-9224,


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