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It's water to wine, not the other way around.

Messina Hof Wines
Messina Hof Wines
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What was believed to only be available deep in central Texas is available right here in Fort Worth. Inside the recently remodeled walls of Goody Goody Liquor (off S.W. loop 820), wine shoppers will find bottles of Messina Hof. With a variety of wines, the bottle of choice here is their 2008 White Zinfandel. A bit watered down with very little aftertaste left over, this is most disappointing as far as Messina Hof wines go. Light pink in color as expected for a zinfandel , this bottle of rose is priced at a reasonable $6.50. With its spicy and slightly sweet notes, it may do well if paired with a red sauce pasta dish or some fresh slices of melon on a hot afternoon in Fort Worth. Not a recommended starter wine for consumers that are just starting out in their journey through the world of wine. Definitely not a good representation of the Messina Hof winery, as they do have a reputable line of wines that are raved about in the Bryan, Texas and College Station areas. The Messina Hof website,, recommends this wine chilled at 45 degrees, but unfortunately it may only worsen the taste, not improve it.