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It's Too Early for Justin Trudeau to Take Alberta For Granted

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau must be an absolute glutton for punishment.

Barely more than a week ago, he denounced the federal government's decision to, after 12 years of deliberation, approve the Northern Gateway Pipeline. He called the decision a "rubber stamp."

Kyle Harrietha, Trudeau's candidate in Fort McMurray, hasn't won the riding yet. Trudeau might want to remind himself of that.

“People here in Fort McMurray have an opportunity to send a very clear message to Mr. Harper that they’re tired of being taken for granted by voting for us,” Trudeau declared. “The Conservatives are convinced that nobody in Alberta would ever vote any other way than Conservative and therefore they take you for granted.”

Yes, apparently the Conservatives so take Alberta for granted that they -- get this -- followed the advice that the National Energy Board rendered following 12 years of work by the Joint |Review Panel and approved a project crucial to Alberta's economy. And because Justin Trudeau doesn't take Alberta for granted, he's pledged himself to oppose that project tooth and nail. Makes sense.

And while it ay be tempting to applaud Trudeau for his support of TransCanada's Kinder Morgan pipeline project, it's also tempting to remember that the project is actually Kinder Morgan's TransMountain pipeline. The former is from the mind of man who called the Northern Gateway JRP a "rubber stamp." The latter is actually correct.

So it's hard to take Trudeau seriously when he tells the citizens of Fort McMurray that their growing prosperity is dangerous to BC jobs.

“People in Fort McMurray want to know if there is a sustainable future for their jobs and for this community, and what that means is having a plan for our resource extraction and exports that are not going to imperil future generations,” he said. “This project puts in peril tens of thousands of coastal BC jobs. It’s just not the right place for a pipeline."

By the way, the Kinder Morgan pipeline that Trudeau says he supports? Also terminates at an export terminal. Namely, at the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC.

Justin Trudeau is so not taking Alberta for granted -- before he's won even a single seat here -- that he didn't bother to do his research on much of anything.

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