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“It’s time to wake up, America”

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“It’s time to wake up, America”

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In spite of forecasts of rain, extraordinarily large numbers of “snowbirds” from all parts of the Country were present, today, on St. George Street in historic St. Augustine, Florida. Never missing an opportunity, the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, were present for their 116th outing, sounding the alarm of the ongoing destruction of Liberty. It is estimated that nearly 10,000 people observed the Town Criers, equipped with three Gadsden flags and various signs, as they made their way through the congested streets sounding the alarm from end-to-end on George Street with, “It’s time to wake up, America.” [“A look at Town Crier’s history” Aug. 26, 2013,]

A few years ago, such activities would have been considered radical. However, a few years ago the White House was not occupied by Marxist revolutionaries. Both houses of the Congress were not controlled by self-indulgent elitists. And people still had confidence in the Supreme Court. There is now a ‘community organizer’ in the White House. By definition, a ‘community organizer’ is a left-wing agitator whose entire purpose is to disrupt the established culture and to replace it with a Marxist system. Communists oppose everything their opponents stand for; and, they support everything that they are against. This “upside-down” behavior describes and explains Barack Hussein Obama completely. Today, there were calls, on the street, for impeachment even though the Criers carried no impeachment signage. In the past, however, Town Criers have presented signs promoting impeachment. Clearly, the demand for impeachment is growing; yet, it falls on deaf ears in Washington. Large numbers of people understand that Obama is in the process of willfully destroying America. This reporter has witnessed an awakening in the American electorate. In 2010, the Republican Party connected with the groundswell of the emerging Tea Party movement. The GOP made every effort to own that movement and to use it to promote their candidates. When the GOP leadership discovered that they could not control the liberty minded Tea Party movement, they switched to a policy of trying to destroy the Tea Party. [See ]

Clearly, on the streets today, in the little village of St. Augustine, Florida, the establishment Republican leadership is “non-existent”. People from all over the country warmly embraced the presence of the Tea Party. The public’s enthusiasm for the Tea Party continues to grow. It is now time for the people to make it clear that they will no longer accept the lesser evil of two progressive agendas. No longer do the people think in terms of electing Republicans to offset a Communist controlled Democratic Party. Heard in the streets today, “What are we going to do? How are we going to fight back? ” The Town Crier answer is, “Resist! Speak ‘Truth to Power’ and push-back!” The Criers have a national audience and via smart-phones, the Tea Party message gets out with every click of the camera. “It is time for America awake from its 100 year sleep and resist the Marxist over-reach of the Federal power,” according to a Town Crier spokesman.



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