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It’s time to send Stiles back to the Seacoast permanently

Send Stiles back to the Seacoast for her poor voting record
Send Stiles back to the Seacoast for her poor voting record
Photo by Kimberly Morin

Yesterday some people received another mailer for Senator Nancy Stiles that makes some really outrageous claims regarding her stint as a NH State Senator. Not only does the mailer claim she “takes the lead” but it claims she doesn’t support raising taxes. Stiles took the lead in sponsoring Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion alright, a massive federal program that will necessarily force the Granite State on institute a sales and/or income tax. Aside from that, she voted for the 23% gas tax increase. Some leader.

If you take a look at Nancy Stiles voting record, you would think she is a Democrat. What conservative Republican would vote to increase taxes; push Obamacare into the state against constituent wishes; vote against the 1st Amendment rights of Granite Staters as well as against the 2nd Amendment rights of her constituents?

Nancy Stiles seems to be more of a leader for liberal Democrats as put so nicely by Steve MacDonald on GraniteGrok yesterday:

She supported the gas tax increase (that Liberal Democrats wanted), voted to create no speech buffer zones (that Liberal Democrats wanted), supported anti-free speech/campaign finance legislation (that Liberal Democrats wanted), and supported anti-gun rights legislation (that Liberal Democrats wanted). She favors top down central planning (that Liberal Democrats want), Common Core (which even teachers hate but Liberal Democrats defend), and is bad on a much longer list of issues we should not even need to go into here.

Nancy Stiles is the Democrat Parties go-to gurl in the Republican Senate to leverage the progressive agenda through what is supposed to be a Republican State Senate. What she is not, is tough on Liberal Democrats.

When Stiles pushing the Obamacare expansion she actually made the following claim:

“This legislation will not expand government, it will not increase the number of residents on Medicaid rolls, and it will not increase spending,” said Sen. Nancy Stiles of Hampton, one of the bill’s prime sponsors.

Say what? Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion was one of the biggest intrusions of federal government in the history of New Hampshire. Not only have the number of residents increased the Medicaid rolls to the tune of 11,000 (causing a $37 million increase in a budget that has no extra money) but spending will necessarily increase because the federal government holds the reigns. Obama has already tried to cut this program and Medicaid in all of his recent budgets.

Nancy Stiles is out-of-touch. Not only has she pushed programs that liberal Democrats have created but she’s done it despite the protestations of her constituents in the Seacoast. It’s high time voters get a Senator to represent them; Stiles most certainly does not. On September 9th there is a primary election. It’s time to send Stiles back to the Seacoast and send a real representative to the statehouse.

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