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It's time to put our forests to work

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Properly managing our forests could be the key to turning around global climate change. Forests are carbon sinks, that is, they absorb more carbon than they use. Since 1990 forests have grown, increasing their carbon-capturing abilities by 14%. Presently, U.S. forests absorb 13% of the carbon we produce, but we can do even better than that.

Fifty-nine percent of forests in the U.S. are privately owned, and they account for 70% of our carbon capture. However, if steps aren’t taken to preserve and protect the forests, we could lose 34 million acres of private forest land by 2060.

Promoting products made of wood could help to counteract deforestation, contrary to popular belief. When wood is used, forests are managed to prevent infestations and forest fires, and trees are replenished as they are used. Check out this infographic for more about how properly managed forests could capture more carbon.