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It's time to make a pledge to a heart healthy fitness routine

Several Baltimoreans celebrate the month of February as a time to fight the battle of heart disease and high blood pressure by making a pledge to increase daily fitness routines.

Research shows that a daily healthy diet and exercise can help reduce the chances of catching heart or high blood pressure.

Sticking to a routine or attending a fitness class is a great way to stay heart healthy.

If you're not working out daily, then it's time for you to get heart healthy.

Cardio workouts such as yoga, cycling and swimming are exercises to promote circulation.

These exercises are great for individuals and groups for companionship if you're looking for a little group support.

Maybe your workout is fine, but its your diet stopping you from achieving a heart healthy life style.

Then sign-up for a nutrition class or cooking class at your local gym or hospital. These type of classes are a great way to learn about low cholesterol cooking.

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