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It's time to know who we are!

It's harder to evolve if you don't know who you are!
It's harder to evolve if you don't know who you are!
It's harder to evolve if you don't know who you are!

My pals, Terri Marinaro, Connie Kingery, and I have long been fans of Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon. We never miss a Kryon book, and several years ago, when we heard they were coming to Orlando, we made sure we were in that audience to hear Kryon’s newest message. Terri is signed up to receive Marshmallow Messages online from Lee Carroll, which are short, to the point, channeled messages from Kryon, and she recently shared this one with me:

There’s a linearity, the way things work in your three dimensions, that often causes an interesting, practical problem. You open that door, you pray to God to begin the process, then you sit there waiting for something to happen. Some of you complain it’s not happening fast enough. “I opened the door; I’ve been sitting here a long time, yet nothing’s happened at all.” And you don’t understand and you don’t realize that you are God. What if I told you that you are on the other side of that door as well as on the side you’re on now? Would you understand that? Now, if that’s true, and you’re really in two places at the same time – a dual creature – that means that you actually help yourself open the door! Are you starting to get the picture? Perhaps it’s you who are the master of the door.

When I read this message from Kryon, I got spiritual goose bumps: not only because it rings so true, but because it’s so in synch with the messages I’ve been channeling from my Guides. In my latest book, Spiritual Toolbox, there is a lot of channeled information about who we really are and the power that we have to take control of our lives, and here are a few snippets on this subject from the book that I think will help us begin to understand who we truly are:

  1. Your soul, your Higher Self, is able to split into many, many versions or aspects of itself, and may well have aspects of itself incarnated on both 3D and 5D Earth right now, and on many other planets or dimensions, besides.
  2. It is important to understand that we are not separated from the Source, we are very much part of it. Not remembering who we are is part of life on 3D Earth, yet those who are incarnated there experience and learn and send that information back to the Source. We are of the Source, and we have experiences and seek information on behalf of the Origin/Source entity.
  3. We are, each of us, a spark of the Creator, a spark of the Source, a spark of what many refer to as God; the name does not matter, it is understanding who we are that matters. We are part of the Source/Creator/God; as human beings we are blind to this knowledge, and feel separated while in body on planet Earth. Nevertheless, we are made up of the same cosmic stuff, the same material as the God entity. We are very much part of God, and for the remainder of our conversations on this subject we will use the term Source, but you can interchange it with Creator or God, if you like. They are the same entity.
  4. With awareness comes the knowledge that the Source is not hands on, and that everything that happens to you is because you planned it. When your life does not go according to plan it is because of freewill on your part or because you or another incarnated being had a short circuit, which affected your original plan. With this knowledge comes the understanding that we are personally responsible for our lives. This is evolution, not blasphemy.

Awareness of who we really are is crucial to our evolution. Once we have this awareness, taking responsibility for our lives is the next step, and after those things are in place, we can assert our power and make things happen instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen. Namaste.

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