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It’s time to jump on the Lubriphonic bandwagon

Lubriphonic plays at Smith's Olde Bar this Friday, February 18.
Lubriphonic plays at Smith's Olde Bar this Friday, February 18.
Paul Natkin

Those susceptible to addictions may want to steer clear of Lubriphonic. This Chicago funk/soul/rock/jam/blues band delivers a high with each blare of the trumpet and lick of the electric guitar. Smith’s Olde Bar is prepared to handle such enthusiasm when Lubriphonic plays on Friday, February 18.

Lubriphonic has played sold out shows with George Clinton & P-Funk, Buddy Guy, Widespread Panic and Dumpstaphunk. Their tour schedule is hectic with them playing over 200 shows in 2010. From January 21 to February 26, Lubriphonic is playing 26 shows in 14 different states and that’s just for a short leg of the tour.

Touring wasn’t always a priority with Lubriphonic however. When guitarist and vocalist Giles Corey and drummer Rick King talked about playing together it was just for a side project. Both musicians were well known in the Chicago blues circuit performing with Syl Johnson, Bo Diddley and the like. Lubriphonic was birthed in 2001 simply as a way to get away from playing other people’s music.

Lubriphonic would play weekly shows together in Chicago, but wouldn’t start touring until 2008. Just last year, the group released their fourth album entitled The Gig is On, signifying that this is no longer a part time pastime. To help capture a bit of the live magic Lubriphonic conjures, the group recorded live whenever possible; even when Ivan Neville played on a few tracks.

“We did it in professional studios, but we tried to play everything as live as possible, and make it as a good of representation as possible of what the band is live,” says Corey of the latest album. “Obviously the energy level at the live show is different, because there is an audience contributing to what’s going on as well.

“We are just not a studio band. There are some bands that really like to get into the studio. Studios are all like caves,” Corey says laughing. “There’s no window, there’s no air -- it’s just get into the cave and hibernate. And just go in the recording booth, and you know, experiment with different stuff. None of us really like that.

“I don’t like having the headphones on and being in this little this confined space. We tried to open it up as much as possible and make it a natural live song as possible. That’s where we are at.”

First hand is the best way to experience Lubriphonic. Free downloads are available on the Lubriphonic website to prove that seeing them live is worth it.

Seeing a live horn section isn’t as common as it once was. Lubriphonic doesn’t want to leave the brass to a digital mixture of sounds. Norman Palm on trombone, Charles Prophet on sax and Leon Q. Allen on trumpet are better than any software. Pennal Johnson on bass and Andrew Toombs on keyboards rounds out the Lubriphonic sound.

The time to jump on the bandwagon is now because this party is hopping. Lubriphonic has played Smith’s Olde Bar twice before, but Friday’s show will be their first as the main act. Opening honors go to The Last Straw. On February 21, Lubriphonic will perform in Athens at Nowhere Bar. Corey says the group plans more trips to Atlanta as early as April.

Tickets can be purchased from any Ticket Alternative location or online at Buying in advance saves two dollars. Tickets the day of the show are $12.

Are you going? Tell me by leaving a comment below or join me on Twitter @djsarahspin.


  • jazzyjen 4 years ago

    can't wait to hear them tonight

  • Profile picture of Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan 4 years ago

    Lubriphonic plays Friday, not tonight. You can listen to their free music tonight though!

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