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It's time to feel like a super hero!

Make small changes and feel like a superhero! generated.

There are many of us who think about making changes in our lifestyle. But change can be hard and overwhelming like saving the world from all the evil villains running around. Internally we can resist making change even if our life depends on it. What can we say, we’re rebels! But when you are facing the diagnosis of diabetes or other chronic disease that can be reversed by making simple changes in food and activity, putting a plan in place can help you be successful and make you feel like a real superhero. Just because it sounds simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. It does require some work on your part. Blech!!! Work! It won’t be so bad, pinki swear! Here are some easy steps you can take so when your red phone of doom rings you can get off the couch and join your fellow heroes in the Wellness Justice League fighting for good.

Create a vision of what you want- Take a few minutes to think about what you want. Write it down, create a collage to represent it or draw it. A picture of you standing on a mountain in red boots, a cape? I think so! There is scientific evidence that tells us the more specific we can be about a goal the more our brain will align thought patterns to support it. So use all of your senses when writing or creating it. And if you are stuck? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Start with what you know and if you are still stuck ask someone to talk it out with you.

Work out with resistance- As bad as we want to change, our little rebellious brains can try to sabotage us with thoughts of why we won’t succeed or why it’s a bad idea. You might even think of joining the dark side. (I hear they have great dental.) Just roll with it and spend some time working out the deepest reason why you want to change. Ask yourself what will life be like in 3 years if you do nothing? What will life be like in 3 years if you made a few changes? Then ask yourself why is it important to you that you stick around this place for a while? The answers you find might help connect you with the motivation that will keep you going.

Pick one thing- If you could make one change in your life right now what would it be? What’s the first thing to come to mind? Start with that. Now if it is to be a superhero and have the power to fight evil injustice in the world, you might want to bring it down just a little. Start with walking first. Once you are walking a couple of times a week for a few weeks’ straight then look at making another change. A blue sparkly cape perhaps?

Gather the troops- Having support when making life changes is invaluable. Every superhero needs a sidekick. They will be there in the ,idle of the night when those snacks are calling, they will tell you when the spandex is starting to pull a little in all the wrong places and they will keep you grounded when everyone wants your autograph because you look so good!

Don’t be afraid to fall- Everyone falls the first time. Even Neo fell on his first jump. It takes time for the small changes you make to stick. There will be temptations kryptonite around every corner. Have some patience with yourself and forgive fall backs. Just remember to keep moving forward. Even the tiniest step forward is still a step forward.

Build your secret sanctum- Every superhero had a secret sanctum that reflected their journey. Decorated with the baubles and trophies of their battles that remind them of how far they have come. Surround yourself with objects that inspire you and what supports the changes you are trying to make. Decorate the kitchen with art that reflects fresh fruit and health, keep quotes or pictures around you during the day that reflect your goals and vision. The more you reinforce your goal or vision that you created at the beginning, the easier it will be to make it a reality.

Well recruit you are ready to join the ranks of the other superheroes fighting the battle for wellness. Your oath and solemn pledge: to use your powers of vision to create a positive better life, to fight for a happiness inside and out, to be without fear in the face of your enemies and those that tempt you, to aid your fellow heroes on the journey with you, to speak the truth even if it means telling a friend their clothes aren't flattering, to forgive yourself when times are hard and to honor that which nourishes your body, mind and spirit. This is your oath. Now don your cape fellow superhero and remember that you are not alone in the universe!


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