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It's time for someone to create a drive-thru fast food salad bar

Salad to go options: Salad to go options
Salad to go options: Salad to go options

As much as we had to admit it, fast food is a way of life for many people in the US. It’s easy, it’s fast and it can cost less than making a meal at home. Unfortunately healthy options (like a fast food salad bar) in the fast food industry are far and few between. Is there a way for fast food places to offer a decent and real healthy option?

To go salad

This is America, so of course we can add a healthy fast food dive! The problem is finding someone to take the risk and develop a menu that will please the palates of healthy people and those who care more about taste than the nutritional values.

Here is an idea of the Raleigh Food Examiner that would make a great fast food dive and provide a healthy option out there for the masses. The name of the place could be ‘The Salad Shack” and here is how it would work.

Pick the following:

  • Salad size: The 'petite', The 'decent', The 'fill me up'
  • Do you want your salad layered or tossed
  • Your choice of lettuce from the menu
  • Pick 2 protein choices from the menu
  • Pick as many fruit/veggie choices as you like from the menu
  • Pick a salad dressing- mixed in or on the side
  • Choose your beverage (included in the price of salad): various fruit infused waters.

The kitchen would basically be a big salad bar and the salad is put together as you order. That's right, made as your order! Pull up to the window and pay.

Why hasn't anyone come up with this idea? A fast food salad joint would fit right in with our current efforts to eat healthier and smarter. ‘The Salad Shack’ would be fast, wholesome and priced decently. This very well could be the next million dollar idea!

What are your thoughts of creating a new healthy fast food dive? What would your restaurant sell? Do you think all kinds of people would come by or only a health nut? Share your ideas in the comments. Your idea could be the next big thing in the food industry!

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