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It's time for a change in the Gaslamp and the winner is...

There was a time, not long ago, I knew San Diego like the back of my hand. Now I look down at my hand and say, “Geese... Whose hand is that? It looks like my father’s hand.”

What a great place to cheer for my Padres!
There's a new guy in town

Things are always changing and in San Diego that’s a good thing. Ten years ago Petco was erected in a derelict neighborhood and the park was surrounded by urban blight and degradation. Now for as far as the eye can see, that blight has turned into true gentrification and who says it’s wrong to use city money for a professional sports team’s benefit? I say just look at not only the beauty but all those tax dollars stacking up in the city coffers.

Beyond tax revenues existing in a state of fat for the taking stasis just look at the beauty which Petco has garnered. I absolutely love being downtown in San Diego! Today, 10 years later, I want this beauty plus I want some post season satisfaction with a San Diego spin on it. Buddy Black, put the machinery in motion and bring back the swagger which will lead to this our magical year of baseball for San Diego. The hour is getting late and I sense stress not smooth swagger from guys who just want to have fun.

Where are you going to watch that momentum brew? If you’re not actually inside Petco, may we suggest a new night spot filled with wall hungs for your Padre watching joy at the newest of downtown clubs known as Werewolf. Located just a few blocks from Petco, at 627 4th Avenue, Werewolf has rocked the neighborhood.

They’ve got a full on menu for the most discriminating tasters delight. They’ve got great atmosphere. They’ve built a great team of players who were born to see to your happiness day in and day out. No kidding, really, the food is very tasty and mine was served up with great hospitality and made me want to consume the servers. The bartenders are wonderful. You’ll notice above that the link is for the booze and that’s not for nothing to eat at Werewolf, but what I got just wasn’t up to par. I had a burger which didn’t hit the mark but it was eatable though not cheap. Perhaps, like my Padres, they just need a little more time but the overall feel of Werewolf is a winner for sure and a great meeting spot for my friends to hang and cheer on the ball club! Go Padres.

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