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It's the start of ghost hunting season at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

An image from the morgue.
An image from the morgue.

Ghost hunting can be an expensive or inexpensive hobby, depending on your passion, and the size of your pocketbook. But even ghost hunters who can’t afford to spend much are tempted to do at least one big, exciting investigation at a notoriously haunted location.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium was built in 1908.
P. Hogarty

Rachel Medlen is an Investigator with Motor City Ghost Hunters, a group that serves the Metro Detroit area in Michigan. When asked why she would travel for ghost hunting, she replied “although Michigan provides us with many opportunities to investigate, there are places of extreme interest in other states due to their reportedly high paranormal activity.” There are fees and travel costs, but Rachel believes that for people interested in ghost hunting, “paying a fee to investigate a place is no different than paying to go see a movie or even a concert.”

There are more and more choices available each year, as people who own crumbling properties realize that ghost hunters are willing to pay to spend the night in a creepy place, thereby providing much needed funds to refurbish the historical sites.

If you plan to attend, make your reservations three to six months in advance, because they fill up fast.

Many major ghost hunting television programs, including Ghost Hunters , has touted Waverly Hills Sanatorium as being one of the most haunted locations in North America.

For a tour or ghost hunt, you have to call to reserve a spot and pre-pay with a credit card. They offer half-night investigations for $50 per person and full night investigations for $100 per person; both for ages 18 and over. There is also a 2-hour guided tour for $22.

There are no refunds for cancelled reservations, so choose your dates carefully and read all the rules listed on the Waverly Hills website.

Waverly Hills allows up to 40 people per over-night investigation, and rotates them between the 5 floors of the building. Although you don’t have the building to yourself, it’s easy to feel alone because the staff at Waverly Hills are very good at keeping guests quiet. No running or horseplay is allowed.

Guests for over-night investigations are divided into groups depending on their experience. Those with no experience can get advice from the staff about how to investigate; while experienced guests are given more freedom to roam their assigned floors with a bit less supervision.

Be sure to ask your guide for advice on how to watch for shadow people with your peripheral vision. These dark, wispy denizens are one of the reasons that Waverly Hills is so famous!

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  • John 5 years ago

    Waverly Hills this place is on my must see.We've heard so many things and wanna check it out for our selfs.It seems if your into Paranormal investigating it's a pilgramage you must make.Your stories are always helpfull in our Paranormal tour planning keep up your great work.

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