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It's The Center, Sucka

With the upset victory (understatement of the day) in Massachusetts of Republican Scott Brown over shoo-in Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, the pundit establishment will be giving their political pals a tip: move to the center, and I really hope my Bay State brethren don't let their guard down.

As someone who ran for State Representative (12th Franklin District) in 2008 and for Massachusetts Republican Party chair in 2006, I know how Democrats think.

While enjoying an 87% super majority on Beacon Hill, Massachusetts Democrats weren't satisfied. They had their feet on our necks and their mission was to squeeze the life out of us. Thanks to Brown's victory last night, Democrats nationally know that their lifeclocks are ticking and are now trying to figure out what to do about it .

Their immediate goal will be to put on a front of being moderate and you'll hear the phrase "move to the center" more than you can stomach over the coming months. Democrats will attempt to make the America people believe they get it and will slow their arrogant leftward lurch.

They will ask for forgiveness, attempt to have us give them another chance. Then again, they may just try and ram through everything they can, while they can.

The bottom line is this: Republicans now have their feet on the necks of Democrats and it's not a good time to let them breathe.

If the American people fall for the Democrat move center, just what do you think they'll do if they save their majority status? I predict, knowing Democrats as I do, they'll go right back to the arrogance we all know and love.

Trust them at our nation's peril. Squash them while we can and ignore their assurances of "getting it", because they don't. They just got caught with us seeing them for who they really are. A move to the "center" will not be sincere, but just they're way of showing continued contempt for the American people with their assumption we're all to stupid to know that their new-found moderation is just for public consumption and totally insincere.


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