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It's the beginning of a new school year

The first school day is circled on your calendar and it’s time to finalize plans. From the excitement that is anticipated first year teacher to the veteran ones, who has been looking for school supply bargains at dollar stores, online stores, and other places to ensure students are well educated and prepared for the next age and/or grade level.

Basically, every setting whether in public schools, private schools or child care centers funds has been cut or reallocation of funds are difficult to meet all needs. Here are some suggestions to keep basic school supplies to stock all school year.

  1. Compile school supplies for the whole school year that must be provide to instruct lessons and/or special projects,
  2. During open house share the list with parents that these are supplies need all year. Create an inventory list so grade parent and/or classroom designee can check and let parents know which items need to be replenished,
  3. Use social media outlets to post supplies needed and various ways to donate items and/or money. Remember, get clearance with administration before setting up account,
  4. Seek out community organizations, social groups and stores that can support and/or sponsor classroom or school at-large. Talk with administration to get clearance, write letter on school’s letterhead with supplies needed, and so forth. After donations are received have student create “thank you” card(s) that can be sent or hand delivered for generosity in giving,
  5. Reach out into the community for organizations who would like to adopt your class where they can assist with other events throughout the school year, and
  6. Post the supply list in the classroom so parents and visitors see the needs to support,
  7. Ask your parents if they have ideas of ways to maintain a full supply closet in aiding students education.

Teachers, you all do a phenomenal job with the limited supplies/materials to instill knowledge keeping curiosity alive to investigate, explore and apply skills. As the students enter your classroom door greet them with a smile letting them know you are glad they have been assigned to your class and look forward to an exciting school year. It is all our responsibility to keep the student’s dreams alive to enter passionate fields toward being productive citizens. Have an awesome school year.

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