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It’s testing time and it’s a major crime

A crime against the children of the United States,

Blame it on Duncan, Broad, Rhee, and Gates.

Kids futures are cloudy due to the reformers and their friends,
The publishers and their money grubbing knows no ends.

Test after test destroys their happiness and poise,
That’s why we are fighting and making so much noise.

The Opt Out people and the Common Core foes,
Are working hard so that everyone knows.

That testing and Common Core are such a waste,
And the students leave testing with such a bad taste.

The effects of testing on kids is shown in Race To Nowhere,
The reformers, publishers, and politicians don’t care.

We have to fight and fight and fight,
Till the teachers tell us that everything is right.

No more testing and eliminate the Common Core,
They should ask the teachers because they know more.

Put the teachers in charge and let them run the schools,
And replace the people who are just plain fools.

This is about our children and their future day,
Let them be kids again and to have time to play.

Our country can be strong and our kids stronger,
But they won’t be if testing exists any longer.

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