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It's T-shirt time: Wear designer duds for less (Photos)

Obsessing over your favorite blogger's outfit is easier than replicating it... especially when said outfit includes a shirt straight from the runway with a price tag of, oh, say about $545+.

Brian Lichtenberg Homies Tee, $58,
Shop Kitson
Give you the shirt off my back
Ashley Reiner

And with fashion making mixing casual with glamorous the trend these days... it's hard to not want that coveted shirt so badly. But, some will find justifying spending a good portion of a month's rent on a tee, that's right, just a tee, hard to do.

Well now you can have it. Or, something like it. As always with the overpriced comes a backlash of affordable to poke fun at the couture pieces, and even fashion's favorites like Man Repeller and Miley Cyrus are giving it the A-OK.

So, since the popularity of the luxe shirt does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon, why don't you hop on the bandwagon and grab an underpriced one today? Check out my slideshow for some fabulous favorites of mine.

And, not only will you fit in with the fashion darlings of the blogosphere, but you can also keep passerbys utterly confused as they try to guess what the heck your shirt refers to.

Just think of it as your very own little ode to your favorite fashion house.

T-shirt- Givenchy

Skirt- Cameo

Tights- Chanel

Boots- Jeffrey Campbell


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