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It's Super Bowl XLIV


All your TVs and 9000 decibel speakers have been tested and tuned to the #SB44 broadcast station, the snacks are laid out and the burgers and bar-b-que are cooking, the couches and chairs are lined up stadium style and your family, friends, and neighbors are trickling in and staking out their perfect vantage point. The kids have been relegated to the recreation room to ensure they won’t hear Grandpa Pete’s, Aunt Betty’s, Cousin Jimmy’s and neighbor Steve’s slip of the tongue when their team fumbles a pass or misses the extra points kick.

But, what’s wrong with this picture?  You’re missing  - the timer is going off on the microwave for your Mother's infamous home-made chili cheese dip; the dining room’s buffet line is moving slower than usual; and there's that familiar smell of the burning burgers that Uncle Buck was supposed to be supervising.  Even though your partner/spouse warned you to send your invoices out by Thursday at the latest, you’re still in your home office frantically emailing them to your customer’s n through z.  Of course, they’re not listening to the ding of their computer’s “You’ve got mail.”  They’re glued to the TV and watching the opening game coin toss.  Yes, you’re a small business owner who works an average of 60 plus hours a week.  But today, you have my permission to take the day off and yell until your voice is hoarse, eat until you pop and shake those pom-poms ‘til there’s no pom left to shake.  So step into to the zone and get thee to the TV.

But on Monday, go back to work! 

Yeah Aeros, Astros, Dynamos, Rockets and Texans!!!  I can dream, can't I?


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