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It's Super Bowl need a career search game plan

What is your career search game plan?
Kenneth L. Johnson

All this Super Bowl talk is bringing out my Career Coach persona. I see Coach Pete Carol (Seattle) & Coach John Fox (Denver) explaining Super Bowl strategy and talking schemes without really showing their hand. Both are drawing up game plans on the white-board and as a fellow "coach"...ok, ok "Career Coach", the preparation gets me extremely excited!

What's your Career Search Strategy? Are you running a West Coast Spread (sheet) Job Search? Maybe you're in a (job) Prevent or Cover (letter) Two? Either way it goes, the clock is ticking and the game has started, don't wait until halftime to make your adjustments. Call a time-out and assess your career search game plan.

5 Things to Do During Your Career Search Time Out.

1. Acknowledge success: Make a mental note of what has worked to this point and don't abandon it.

2. Listen to the coaching staff: I hope you're utilizing a Mentor or Career Coach. Career Search is difficult it becomes overwhelming without some support.

3. Speak to your team: There are a ton of people and resources ready and willing to assist you, utilize them.

4. Watch the film: I'm amazed by the resources available on YouTube. Find a video that relates to your career path or a motivational clip to give you an extra boost to keep you up-beat.

5. Stay in the game: It’s not over until you win. Continue to refine your career search tools (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters and network) and never give up.

*My Super Bowl pick: Denver 27 - Seattle 17

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