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It's Still Pancake Week, Even For the Gluten-Free

Gluten-free pancakes - fantastic!
Gluten-free pancakes - fantastic!
Mona Holmes

Not a big fan of wheat/gluten-free? There was a time when I hated it too. I remember serving wheat/gluten-free pancakes to a friend who lovingly referred to them as the hockey puck breakfast. He then proceeded to put it on the floor, kick it towards his eat anything dog who took a suspicious sniff, then walked away. Mind you, this dog eats everything and refused my pancake. So I avoided it for years.

But with time comes technological advances, even with food. Those previously dense, sit-in-your-stomach pancakes that came from gluten-free batter are no longer, and I discovered one that out shoots them all: Pamela's Ultimate Baking & Pancake Mix. The consistency is strikingly similar to traditional flour, then combine my skill at figuring out different consistencies (fluffy, flat, cakey), and enjoy Pancake Week just like the rest of your wheat eating friends. For a fantastic guide on how to make pancakes to your liking, have a look at my hero Mark Bittman.

Why gluten-free? I don't like what gluten and wheat flour do to my insides. While I'm not gluten intolerant, I do have a sensitivity to it. I advise anyone who is trying to lose weight or battling illness to avoid wheat products all together. And with so many substitutions to traditional flour, who needs it?

Still not sold on wheat free? Just imagine first or second grade with your teacher showing you how to make paper

Order Pamela's gluten-free products online: www.pamelasproducts. I order mine through Amazon, where they deliver it every six months with free shipping.


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