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It's St. Patty's Day in LA - Do you know where your priorities are?

Don't let this crafty terrier leprechaun guilt you into forgoing your craft.
Don't let this crafty terrier leprechaun guilt you into forgoing your craft.

It's the age-old predicament. Your buddies are all going out tonight and they've invited you along. It doesn't matter that it's a Wednesday because today is St. Patty's Day.

But what if you're not Irish?

'That don't matter either,' your friends happily remind you. 'Everyone is Irish tonight. They even say so at the beginning of The Boondock Saints.'

You ponder your options. Should you be disciplined and stay in to do some much needed touch-ups on your screenplay, novel or dramedy pilot? Or do you head out into the great unknown to see where the great green night takes you?

Then you remember what your pals said the last few times you were in this position.

'Dude, it's New Years! How are you gonna not go out?'

'Come on now! Everyone's a little bit Mexican on Cinco de Mayo!'

'You're supposed to get crazy on Purim, man! It's a Jewish tradition!'

Truth is, there are always going to be reasons for you to put off the work you know you should do. Developing a disciplined routine is one of the toughest parts of working for yourself. And like so many scribes in this city, you most likely have a day job to supplement your writing habit, which makes finding free time even more difficult.

So if you gave up valuable 'you time' last night to go throw back pints of Guinness and Jameson shots in Silver Lake or Santa Monica and you promised yourself you'd stay in next time your friends invite you to 'the most epic Easter egg hunt in the history of mankind', then you owe it to yourself to keep that promise. 

Stay strong, keep writing and if the peer pressure gets too thick, just ask yourself...

What would the employed writer do?


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