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It's Spring - Bring On The Floral Scents from Demeter

Demeter Floral Fragrances
Demeter Floral Fragrances
Demeter Floral Fragrances

Too much of the "April showers", not enough "May flowers"? We got you — if your winter/spring has been anything like ours, you probably can't wait for sun, warmth, and the blissful aroma of flowers warmed by sunshine. While we can't make the temps rise any faster (sorry!), we can take care of one thing: a sweet (yet not too sweet) floral fragrance.

Demeter Fragrance Library (yep — the same brand that put Pizza and Dirt in a bottle) is debuting a fresh floral scent duo featuring two NEW fragrances: Orange Blossom and Daffodil.

The former is a full, exquisite scent, meant to evoke the gentle breeze on a warm summer's evening. The latter is a feminine and playful take that's inspired by the real, living flower and not a concentrated, perfumed version. The set retails for $29 — perfect for Mother's Day on a budget. (hint, hint!)

If you aren't into the set you can buy them individually at only $20 for the 1oz cologne spray! We like these two so much we also recommend the atmosphere diffusers for $25! They will brighten up any room!

Not a huge fan of either scent, but still can't get enough florals? Demeter also bottles flower-inspired scents such as Lavender, Daisy, Red Poppies, Lilac, and Freesia. (and each traditional 1oz cologne spray is only $20).

Still not feeling it? Demeter Fragrance Library bottles scents inspired by memories and experiences (which is how scents like Gin + Tonic, Suntan Lotion, and Vanilla Cookie Dough are made!)

The best part? The fragrances are meant to be layered, so you can create your own floral bouquet of a scent!