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It's So Good - Natural Tails Doggie Dining

Kelly & Chopper
Kelly & Chopper
Cindy Roesel

After Kelly Bigger had exhausted all options on store shelves and still couldn't find anything to feed her dog, Chopper who suffered from chronic colitis, it was time to take matters into her own hands. Kelly headed into the kitchen armed with the knowledge that commercially processed food was not the best food for her beloved boxer, Chopper determined to create something special he could eat.

With her background in pet spas and resorts, it wasn't too long before she figured out dogs aren't too different from people when it comes to nutrition; it's all about the quality of the ingredients. Once that lightbulb lit up, NATURAL TAILS was born, Chopper began to eat well, get healthy and Kelly Bigger had a successful company on her hands.

So successful, that Epicure Gourmet Market & Cafe introduced Natural Tails into their Miami Beach and Sunny Isles stores last month as their exclusive gourmet dog food, for their very discriminating clientele.

Natural Tails wants to introduce your pup to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

HEALTHIER: Homemade human grade dinners

HAPPIER: Fresh natural homemade treats

LIFESTYLE: Best food supplied by nature

NATURAL TAILS wants to help you make the gradual transition for your special family member to their new diet problem free, so Kelly and her team will work with you step by step to make the switch effortless. Homemade House Calls is a residential delivery service for only the luckiest dogs in Miami. You can order your dogs homemade, organic, human grade meals weekly, bi-weekly, or montly at a discounted rate. NATURAL TAILS wants to fit your lifestyle! ** Doggie Dining 305.303.6283 ** you can also join Kelly & Chopper on Facebook at Natural Tails **