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It's showtime folks!

Blustery Weather
Blustery Weather
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With the forecast in Minnesota this weekend calling for cold, rainy and all around blustery weather; if you are going to venture out, hunkering down with your refillable large popcorn and drink in front of the big screen, seems like the perfect escape.

2012 opens this weekend and it promises to be a ride filled with non-stop action, you'll be hanging on to your doomsday seats! Google search engines will most likely be on full tilt afterwards while people are searching for the end of the world theories, which is exactly what the promoters planned. Don't sell the farm though, thankfully the movie is only fiction, plus, we Christians are not supposed to walk in fear, right?

If you're not into the doomsday angle, but you still love being on the edge of your seat, then The Box and Law Abiding Citizen might be more what you are looking for. The makers of these kind of movies, know what it takes to bring the viewer to a place where they relate to the characters situation and to ponder how they would react if they were ever forced to make choices the characters in these films deal with. They push the audience to deal with life and death decisions, driving them to the brink of safety, without ever putting them in harms way. This is what makes movie watching such a thrill.

Maybe you are not the type to pay to white knuckle it, you’d rather just sit back and laugh. Unfortunately this weekend, the pickings are slim, unless you don’t mind enduring a lot of -in your face- sexual content and offensive language . Pirate Radio is a last minute entry, but be fair warned, it is being the called “Animal House on a boat”, or as one reviewer dubbed it, “1 boat. 8 DJs, No morals”.

The other comedy still in theaters is a holdover from last week, Couples Retreat. If you can look beyond the overabundance of crude language and scenes that would be better off left in the bedroom and not on the widescreen, perhaps you can find the balance in this film. There is a message and a surprising outcome for the couples after a weekend of mandatory marriage counseling, lending to the thought you might not want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Speaking of keeping things clean, Disney's A Christmas Carol & Michael Jackson's This Is It are still going strong at the box office, and for good reason, they're family films. You can hold you head up high with your kids next to you munching on popcorn and gummy worms. A few other choices for the kiddos are Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsWhere the Wild Things Are and Astro Boy.

Who cares if the temperatures are dropping, and there is no promise of warm days until spring 2010, we are hardy Minnesotans, and this the best season of the year for moviegoers, it's the holidays!

Next week, the Minnesota Christian Film Examiner will reveal some of the gems coming your way.


  • Jackie O 5 years ago

    Melody, Thank you for the weekend movie information. I was looking to go to the movies this weekend with my husband, but didn't know what was worth watching. Your article helped me with my wait until the Holiday movies come out. :-)