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It's Scotty Dunbar

Scotty Dunbar, a Boston based musician released his debut solo, "In a Mellow Mood" back in 2012 on the Down Boys Record label. The EP featured guest performances by Michael Sweet of Stryper and Louis St. August of MASS. The album held rave reviews from fans and music critics alike and was #1 on Amazon for "Hot New Releases in the Pop Rock" category, #1 on "Hot New Releases in the Euro Pop Chart" and #3 on the "Best Sellers on the Euro Pop Chart." Dunbar is now ready to release in 2014, a follow up to this album.

It's Scotty Dunbar
All photos provided by the artist.
It's Scotty Dunbar
Provided by the artist.

In 2013, Dunbar released a brand new single, "Here's to Rock & Roll" which was made available at the Station Fire Memorial Foundation Comedy Show, held at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Dunbar was one of the musicians performing that night of the tragedy. All proceeds went directly to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation.

Also in 2013 Dunbar released a heavy metal take on the Christmas classic, "Let it Snow" which hit radio stations nationally and again was met with great reviews.

Plasma Films will be releasing a new documentary entitled “Scotty Dunbar - The Fire That Won’t Go Out.” The film is being directed by Brian Ouelette, a two-time Telly Award winner.

Examiner spoke with Dunbar about his film, his newest recordings and life on the road.

Examiner: Can you tell us about the film, "The Fire That Won't Go Out"?

Dunbar: "The Documentary should be interesting. I really wasn't too keen on the idea at first. However, after my very first meeting with the director Brian Ouelette, I became interested. Ouelette previously sent me an email and had asked me what I thought about the idea of him doing a documentary. At first, I was on the fence with it until we met in person. The documentary is largely based on extensive interviews, footage and pictures and live performances. It paints a small picture of my life story thus far. The trailer for the film will be released shortly."

Examiner: How has the fire at the Station Night Club changed your life and how you view the world?

Dunbar: "That horrific night has forever changed my life. I was in the front row watching the show with my friends Derek Gray and Eugene Avilez when the fire started. Both Gray and Avalez died in the fire. I survived with minor injuries. It took me a long time to except and to try to move on from what occurred that very tragic night. I developed a serious Alcohol problem. I was pretty much just trying to kill myself with booze, I drank seven days a week non stop. Over a year a go, I had hit absolute rock bottom because of the booze. I had two choices, I could either sink or swim. I chose to swim and I got the help that I desperately needed. I have been sober for close to 14 months now. I feel like a new person. I'm in full control of my life now. I'm fully concentrated on staying sober and my music. My music is my only drug and its also my main focus. Now being sober I've learned to forgive others and most importantly myself. I will never forget that tragic February night. May God forever bless all of the families, friends and victims of that horrible tragedy. You are all forever in my heart, thoughts and prayers."

Examiner: What can you tell us about your newest album?

Dunbar: "The new material is heavy but melodic. It's gonna be a 100% in your face Rock N Roll Album. That's my plan! I listen to all types of music. At any given minute I can go from listening to Stryper to Megadeth, Cheap Trick to Anthrax, Michael Jackson to Pantera. I love all types of music. As long as its got melody I like it. My last solo release "In A Mellow Mood" was a huge departure from anything I've ever done musically. However, it's something I wanted to do. I did two duets on that record with a very talented female vocalist Ashley Johnson. It was a piano, orchestra based record."

Examiner: How was life on the road with big bands like Stryper and Eric Martin? Any road warrior stories?

Dunbar: "I had the time of my life on tour supporting Eric Martin this past January. I brought on a second guitarist Ted Merrill to add some more balls to our acoustic set. Ted and I got along like brothers. We were inseparable. Jason Cornwell and Amos Sanfilippo really came through on this tour also. Cornwell and Sanfilippo were doing double duty as they were not only playing my set, they were playing for Eric Martin as well. We all had a great time and made memories to last a lifetime. As far as Stryper goes, we did a few shows with them last summer. Michael Sweet is a close friend of mine. We played "The Whisky A Go Go" in Hollywood, CA last summer with both Sweet and Oz Fox of Stryper along with Mike Tramp of White Lion. All acts performed acoustic sets including us. Performing on such a legendary stage as The Whisky with artist's that I idolized as a kid, was a dream come true for me. I also opened for Mike Tramp several times last year, I learned a lot from him. I have much respect for him and he is the real deal. A few other musicians in this business could learn a thing or two from Mike. That's for sure!'

Examiner: Do you think the music business has changed much in the past ten years?

Dunbar: "The music industry to me nowadays is a complete joke. So much has changed. Record labels are the new Dinosaurs. Unfortunately it is what it is! When I was growing up, there was nothing better then going to the local Record shop and picking up new albums and reading the liner notes over and over. To have that physical product in your hand was the best feeling. Record stores are dead, today it's all downloads and it's sad. However it is what it is and you need to adapt to the times, otherwise, you are dead in the water!"

Examiner: What advice can you give to a young musician coming out of Berklee College of Music?

Dunbar: "I hope that you studied business. I don't care who you are or how talented you are. The more talented you are, the more you are going to get screwed! The music business is pure evil. You need to fight for what's yours and stand your ground. Don't trust anyone except yourself. Be very careful of individuals that are promising you the world."

Examiner: Upcoming dates? May 17th @ Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ, May 18th @ Crossroads in Garwood, NJ, May 22nd @ JR's Bourbon Street in Cranston, RI, June 13th @ The Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA., June 14th @ BB's Event Center in Las Vegas, NV

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