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It's pow wow season...

Navajo Taco
Navajo Taco
Kate Peterson

And that means its fry bread time!  Each year, Native Americans honor a tradition where they come together as one for laughter, celebration, dance, and remembrance.  They call this gathering a pow wow. 

The phrase having a pow wow has many connotations, one of which being having a serious discussion.  Its origin is Native American, yet the dictionary gives the definition of the word as being "to have meeting, or conference." (  To have a meeting does not invoke thoughts of fun, but rather sleep.

In Glendale this weekend, you have the opportunity to learn the true definition and experience some healthy, some not so healthy treats.  Chasing the Sun Pow Wow is going on at Arena now through Sunday February 21, 2010.

Some of the exciting treats you will find in addition to the wonderful handmade pottery, jewelry, and blankets you also discover Indian fry bread.  This delicious yummy treasure is as flexible in the array of toppings that can be added as the tortilla.  Unlike the tortilla, however, fry bread is soft and fluffy. 

The Navajo Taco is what the name is.  The flavors and health benefits are enough to waive the fact that its deep fried.  Topped with simmering pinto beans, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, and you can also add beef or tomatoes.  If you are craving something sweet you can have a plain fry bread with powdered sugar sprinkled over honey.

Also served are mutton sandwiches, fry bread burgers, mutton stew, and steak burgers. For more information on the pow wow check out

If you crave fry bread you can find it at the Fry Bread House, 4140 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013-3072, (602) 351-2345 or at The Sacred Hogan at 842 E Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85014, (602) 277-5280 . 




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