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It's Petco's 10th year anniversary and I say forget the tin give them pure gold

Petco Park one of the jewels in MLB parks
Petco Park one of the jewels in MLB parks

It’s funny the traditional gift for a 10 year wedding anniversary is tin/aluminum and according to the Hallmark website, a good gift for him is a metal lunch box for his lunch while for her a good gift would be a vacation in Mexico. And to that offer I must say, “What?”

Sometimes you can't tell the players without the program
Sarah Gonzalez

The fact is this is the 10th year of my Padres playing ball in their baseball only park, Petco and I say well done Padres. Remember when: Andy Ashby was on the mound before Trevor Hoffman and back then even David Wells could be seen hurdling the rock for the Padres. Hernandez was the guy playing catch with those pitchers and around the horn you’d find Sean Burroughs; Khalil Greene; Mark Loretta; and Phil Nevin on first (that was a transition time for my Padres). That year the Pads put Ryan Klesko; Jay Payton; and Brian Giles on the hunt for flying eggs in their outfield.

Ah those were the days my friend. When you really look at it, not much has changed for the Padres. We’ve still got a gem of a manager who seems to put the raw talent on the field to good use and develops them into guys who leave before arbitration puts them into the stratosphere as far as salary limits go. Bud Black seems limited only by the lack of Bochy’s provisions offered by Kevin Towers which were always amazing. Boch, still seems capable of fielding championship teams. But Black does pretty well considering the backroom turmoil always bubbling in the Padres background. Little issues like who does own the team this year?

The best gift I can give the Padres is my loyalty as a member of the team as part of the 10th man for the home-games where that buzz in the air can spook the opponents and the same buzz can enchant the team players into a belief in themselves as stars each and everyone of them no matter how many zeros are behind that first number on their paychecks.

There is little need for debate, just go to 100 Park Blvd in downtown San Diego and you can see for yourself that Petco is a jewel in the crown of MLB parks. What may be worthy of debate is what difference it has made on the property values in the surrounding areas. There is no low rent area down near Petco any longer. In 2004 75% of the neighbors were low rent and made most people feel uncomfortable about the prospect of staying alive as you walked east on K street starting on 3rd. Talk about gentrification at its best. I’d live along the Tony Gwyn corridor anytime but since I can’t afford it I won’t worry about when I’m moving in.

I love attending the flow of vitality for any Padres home game. Even the away games generate enthusiasm if you choose the local sports bars for companionship and fun. Give me an evening at Bub’s At the Ballpark on any away game and I’ll show you a good time to be a Padres fan. Besides I’m pretty sure when a group of fans congregate together as they do in places like Bub’s or the Knotty Barrel, they are that much more likely to become one with The Collective Unconscious which as we all know allows us to help our team win the games which we root for. Go Padres!

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