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It's Only a Movie and other myths

"It's only a movie." Or "it's only a book."

If I hear either phrase once more, I think I'll tear my hair out by the roots, and despite my advanced age, I still have enough roots to make that a painful experience.

I can understand people who don't love God and read His word making that statement. It is unfathomable to me that Bible believing Christians could be that naive. I realize that the pull of the world and its influences is strong; but God is so specific in His Word, warning us that the devil is like a lion roaming about to devour whom he can and that false teachers will abound and try to lure God's people unto detours that lead to disaster. And so people wander through Vanity Fair like trusting teens from a rural community fascinated by the bright lights and noises of a big city, totally unaware of pickpockets, thieves, sexual predators, and even murderers, lying in wait to take advantage of them.

And people like me who try to be watchmen on the walls and alert people to potential dangers are ignored, flooded with arguments, or even mocked. My flesh cries out to just walk away and let people reap the whirlwind. My spirit won't let me. If watchers on the wall give up because of discouragement, the devil wins for sure.

I certainly don't want to be a Chicken Little and cry wolf. I'm not exactly fond of being dismissed as a nut case or an alarmist either. People who try to strategize a defense against the devil are often considered paranoid. We must realize that just because someone is paranoid, that doesn't mean someone is not after them.

I included a tirade against the mentality that entertainment is totally harmless in my movie In Gramps' Shoes. Here's the link to that blurb:

Some Christians display rebellion at the advice of those who study the efforts by the devil to subvert mankind. They will go see a movie or read a book or whatever because they won't be told they shouldn't do so - even if God is mentioned as being the reason for their abstinence. The movie Noah appears to be one of those films that some Christians must see. Why any Christian would want to see a film about a Biblical character made by an F bomb flinging atheist for profit is beyond me. Let me go out on a limb and predict that if Noah succeeds financially, Hollywood will use the same advertising technique for future films - to peddle unbiblical films that distort the message of Christ.

The Bible exhorts us to run the good race and fight the good fight. That means standing up to confront those things that threaten to destroy or even dilute our walk with God. You can join the fight against the devil, ignore the conflict, or mock those who enlist in God's army. Everyone has the freedom to make the choice, but no one has freedom from the consequences of their decisions. Be wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove. It's OK to be a rebel, but make sure you're rebelling against the devil and not God.

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