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It's Okay to Take a Break

Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images

It has been quite a bit of time since I last blogged, wrote an article or even attempted at connecting with my followers. However, my much needed break took me full circle and back to the place that I love, Women's Health and Fitness.

Since I last shared, everything from the need for a slower pace to have a healthy life, the facts on depression, or the perfect exercise for those tricky triceps, I grew. I became a college graduate, then I went on to become a nurse, I got engaged, I traveled to South America, I logged many miles, I bought a house and another puppy. I matured. I acquired two degrees and proudly have something to show for them. I read many books, not all for pleasure. I made new friends, lost loved ones to death, attended a few weddings, but maintained my passion for life. I remembered that health, fitness and my stamp as a woman on this earth are very much my priorities.

Today, I wanted to share with you the much needed break that sometimes life grants us, and we don't recognize it. We go until we drop and merely forget why we push so hard. I found a little more of myself while "on break" from writing. I found that exercise isn't everything, that health is. I found that being healthy has many components. I found that true love exists. I learned that breaks come in all shapes and sizes. I had to take a few weeks off running at one point due to some plantar fascia pain, it seemed like forever. Additionally, I had to take a couple years off writing because becoming a nurse consumed me. I felt like if I had any spare time it had to be spent training, nurturing my relationships, studying my specialty or simply zoning out with that infamous Merlot....

But I accepted it, and I am sharing with you, that you should too. Life is a journey and we should accept it. Curveballs will be thrown our way, always. So why not adopt the ideation of "taking a break"? Haven't you heard the advice from trainers that recovery is everything? For example, when we train hard for our specific sport, we have recovery days, recovery nutrition and definitely that mental recovery. So why not recover in life and take a break to try something new. Perhaps, its to recover and not do anything at all, but just be.

Whether you need a break from your job, from exercise, from life's repetitions, from a person or two, from your hobbies you once had passion for..... go ahead and take it. We are too often proud as women. We are desirous beasts who work hard, raise children, train for marathons, assemble dinner, maybe throw in a few push-ups, sip a cheap Merlot, only to start over again as the sun rises.

Summer has arrived. Welcome it. Don't rush through this life. Take a break, and enjoy the ride.

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