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It’s okay to have Strong Arms, Universal Mounts by Viatek

New tech gadgets say a lot about what is perceived of our tastes and lifestyle interests. And no better reflection is found in the attachment we show to our mobile devices, i.e. smart phones, kindles, ipads, tablets. Accordingly, this has spurred a growth market in accessories. Among them are grip type products, for usage in most places. The practical question, in knowing the purpose, albeit useful, goes to a willingness to carry and travel with them. Towards that point, you’ll have to supply the means of doing so.

Getting ready to try out The Strongarm Universal Mount gives a little freedom
Keith McFarland
Yes, no adhesive
By Keith McFarland

From the very onset, I can say the Strongarm Universal Mount, by Viatek, ( does work. However, the surface matters. On those of wood, the large bottom base did not work for me; nor did the small top base, on my Smartphone, an LGL35G. At minimum, it’s just too small. For surfaces at a Laundromat, McDonald’s, Burger King, and even the roof top, of a Honda Accord, in conjunction with my kindle, I found very good success. And truly, no adhesives are needed. The pivot can be made a mere slant or fully vertical.

Keeping the above in mind, how might it serve your needs? If you preference, to work with mobile devices, without having to physically handle, constantly, then the Universal Mount offers that opportunity. Also, something ideal among an audience while in a lounge setting, i.e. the local coffee pub, or a study room. Personally, it had we wishing I had a remote for my kindle. In addition, I see the chance to let my left hand do more touch screen tasks, being right-handed. No doubt, in these days of multi-tasking, there’s a benefit to having free hands, even just one.

Continuing on, the instructions were adequate; but it was after a couple of tries, and a change in the base surface, and device, that I caught on to making the suctions stick. Also, I found it better to connect the top portion onto my kindle, and then plant the bottom piece. To reiterate, surfaces matter for this product. Hence, my first outings were not successful. Nonetheless, once you’ve get the right combination, the functionality is good and sturdy. Overall, the Strongarm Universal Mount, by Viatek, is simple in concept and workability. In a nutshell, as your technique and application gets better, you’ll find, that ease and confidence, with it, grows. Mine certainly did.

Let me conclude, by saying, what I love about technology is the aim, to take enjoyment, for experiencing life, at a higher level. And to provide clarity, the commentary is not a focus toward advancement of learned educational environments; rather, more to practicality, about living, whether work, home, social, and all sorts of travel, across a wide spectrum. In a way, the case can be made, innovation is expansionary, not exclusionary; and although the tools are progressively intended, we do live in a society, with those, willing to taint them, for not so positive purposes; in essence, diminishing their otherwise true benefits.

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