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It's okay to fail


One thing many people should know when entering college, and especially when starting studying for their major of choice, is that it is okay to fail. While some teachers grade harshly arbitrarily, your college professors most likely have good reason for giving you the grade you have received. Usually, that grade is not a reflection on you as a writer, but that you need work. Unless no effort was put into the assignment, your professors will understand that you are a hard-working student.

Your professors are really there to help you, not to be a thorn in your side. So, what to do if you receive a poor mark on a paper/assignment you worked for hours, days, or weeks on?

First, take a deep breath. This is only one assignment. It is not the end of the world.

Second, talk to the professor. Most professors are willing to talk to you about your grades and to discuss how you can improve. Professors have office hours for a reason. Use them to your advantage. Go see them, talk to them about whatever you do not understand,

Third, visit the campus tutoring center. If there is not one already set up, ask the administration to set one up.

Fourth, do not be discouraged. Just because you have done poorly one one assignment does not mean this will become a trend. Put this behind them and try to stay positive.

Fifth, how are your studying habits? Is your room clean? Having a clean room, believe it or not, can really make studying much easier. It creates positive energy in the room. While this may not be true for everyone, it is worth a shot. Make sure you have a nice, quiet place to study and that you will have little to no distractions.



  • Rebecca Mlinek 5 years ago

    This is a good article! It's so easy to become discouraged and just want to give up, but you can often learn more from failures than success.

    p.s. I'm the Christian Fiction examiner. I enjoy your articles. :)

  • Student 5 years ago

    Good advice. It's nice to know that I am not the only one to get discouraged. I try to think positive, and it usually works, but this reassuring advice is definitely helpful.