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It's ok, Chicago! Come on outside and visit The Second City!

The Second City
The Second City
The Second City

Hello all you fellow frozen Chicagoans! As we all know, we're under yet another Winter Storm Warning. This will continue on and off, if you believe Tom Skilling, and I do, until May. The news is starting to report on what we can do to not end up rocking and humming to ourselves in a corner and instead, live and enjoy our city, even when there are 44 inches of snow and it's -11.

So call The Second City box office, use the code, "Chiberia No!" and get half-off your tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Not a plug, not a plea for business, rather a chance to leave your home and laugh and's a tough winter, but it's Chicago and it's still the best place to live in the world!

Back to rocking and humming now.......