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It’s Official, More & More Millennials are joining Tea Party Movement, daily!

It’s Official, More & More Millennials are joining Tea Party Movement, daily!

Town Criers on in historic St Augustine, Florida on April 19, 2014
TCC Staff
Town Crier in historic St Augustine, FL on 4-19-14
TCC Staff

“Frank Luntz and Shawn Hannity’s staged interviews with the voting public do not hold a candle to the Town Criers spontaneous interviews with thousands of voting Middle Class, Americans. This is particularity so with the new demographic ‘class’ labeled by the press as, the Millennials,” David Heimbold SATP Media Chairman reported. The Town Criers are a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP). [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at]
These younger voters went overboard in voting for the first Communist President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. They were deceived by this half-breed pied piper. The majority of these young voters followed the charm and the con of this Chicago gangster. Obama was the ‘great black hope’ who would absolve the majority white population from their past national sins of segregation, once and for all. Instead, Obama has taken the election of America’s first black man, something most Americans felt good about, and turned it in to something racist. He has used race to divide in a way that no white man ever could have. In addition, Obama has managed the economy so badly, that even the young idealists are now feeling the pain…particularly from Obama Care and hideously suffocating college loans. Incidentally, the masses don’t even realize that Obama is as much white as he is black; WHITE mother, black father. He, as well as his controlled media, uses the race card to his own advantage, claiming to be a ‘black’ man.
Here is the reality which the Millennials face. “I am 23. My health insurance went up 20% and my coverage went down 20% with Obamacare”. “There are no jobs.” “I am forced to live with my parents. It’s embarrassing, a young man said.”

Amazingly, They Are Not Afraid to Call Obama A Communist

The Town Criers carry politically incorrect signs speak truth to power. Their most popular sign states, ‘Obama is a Communist’. Unlike the GOP establishment and the main stream media, the Millennials and their parents are not afraid to call Obama a Communist. They understand that millions of Earth’s Human Beings were murdered in the Soviet Union and Communist China in the last Century by Communists. Joseph Stalin, a Russian monster, has been quoted, “Kill one person and it’s is murder. Kill a hundred thousand and its statistics.”

The Town Criers run into thousands of decent citizens who are wringing their hands and asking, “What can we do?

When Town Criers carry the “Obama is a Communist” sign, it is not name calling. It is a statement of fact. In the beginning, back in 2011, the public would suggest that Obama was a socialist, not a communist. Today the conversation is over. The great majority understand his communist connections. Today the public calls Obama a communist without prompting. The left’s talking point response, “You don’t even know what a Communist is”, is, occasionally, encountered.
Today a woman said, “You don’t even know what a Communist is”, to one of the Criers. The Crier responded, “I am looking at one!”
Dumbfounded, she turned to another Crier and repeated her seminar-remark, simply another leftist jab, “You don’t know what a Communist is”. And that Crier also replied to the woman, “I am speaking to one”. Speechless, she turned and walked away.

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