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It's official: Hit Nickelodeon show 'Sam and Cat' cancelled after one season

Ariana Grande attends MTV's 'Total Ariana Live' at MTV Studios on July 2, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

So the rumor mill was true in the case of the "Sam and Cat" cancelled stories. Despite being Nickelodeon's biggest hit, the teen comedy featuring Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy is officially over. According to a Monday report by People, Ariana Grande confirmed that "Sam and Cat" won't be coming back.

"Sam and Cat" was originally slated for twenty episodes on Nickelodeon. The show is a spinoff of Victorious and iCarly, both Nickelodeon hits. The new show literally was a smash-up using Ariana's Cat character from Victorious and Jennette McCurdy's Sam character from iCarly.

It was such a hit that Nickelodeon increased the order from twenty to forty episodes for the first season. Now that first season will end just shy of it's extended order, with a total of 36 episodes.

Initially Nickelodeon wanted fans to think "Sam and Cat" was just on an extended hiatus due to their very large first season. Rumors of Ariana and Jennette not getting along coupled with explicit pictures of Jennette leaked on the internet fueled rumors that initial reports were not true.

There were stories of a salary dispute. According to reports, Jennette McCurdy was not getting paid as much as Ariana Grande and she was upset about that. Grande was quick to dismiss reports, even saying that they were paid the same. The pay rumor was never substantiated but given the fact that Ariana Grande is a bigger star, wouldn't it make sense for her to have a bigger paycheck? In any case, Ariana Grande is blowing up in her music career right now so she should have no issues with keeping busy.

Nickelodeon maintains that they did not cancel "Sam and Cat" over Jennette McCurdy's leaked photos. Although they were not nude pictures, they were pretty explicit and definitely are not something that a cable station catering to children and teens would want to have floating around.

The strongest and most prevalent rumor as to why "Sam and Cat" was cancelled has to do with the cast getting along. Recently Jennette McCurdy posted a very thinly veiled rant to her Twitter account about how she got rid of a bad friend. Although she never mentioned Ariana Grande by name, it was heavily speculated that she was speaking of her "Sam and Cat" costar.

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