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It’s October: do you know what’s on sale this month?

Save during October by taking advantage of seasonal sales.

Saving money is at or near the top of most people’s To-Do lists, and that’s great. Why pay more for something you need when a better price is just a phone call or web search away? It’s just plain smart. So is taking advantage of the seasonal sales at the grocery stores. Here’s what’s normally on sale during the month of October:

  • It’s the end of Daylight Savings Time, so batteries, alarm clocks, smoke detectors and the like are on sale;
  • The holiday baking season is beginning, so items like flour, sugar, mixes, chocolate/baking chips, nuts, evaporated milk are on sale (and may continue through November);
  • Of course, you can’t help but notice the Halloween displays in every store; candy and pumpkins are on special, with deep discounts coming in early November;
  • It’s National Seafood Month, so check out the fresh and frozen seafood sections for deals;
  • It’s also National Pork Month, so look for deals on bacon, ham, chops, and tenderloins;
  • Got a dog? It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, too, so find yourself a fur-friend then stock up on dog food and other pet products on sale; and
  • Last, but certainly not least, get your fill of this seasonal produce that’s on sale this month: apples, artichokes, arugula, beets, broccoli, brusselsprouts, cabbage, chard, cranberries, lemons, pears, pomegranate, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, winter squash, turnips, and yams.

And, beyond the grocery stores, automotive products are often on sale during October, so if you’re a DIY’er (or have one on your gift list), now’s the time to hit the auto stores, too.


About this Examiner: Kathryn Marion is the award-winning author of GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College!, the most comprehensive resource for navigating the world of work and independent living after graduation, as well as host of the book’s companion resource site, The print edition of GRADS: TAKE CHARGE is available through Amazon and other online booksellers. The e-book edition is available through e-junkie.

Kathryn also coaches students, graduates, and career changers as well as consults with small businesses and aspiring authors.

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