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It’s not too late to participate: No Pants Day

No Pants Day
No Pants Day
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Did you know? The first Friday of May each year is officially No Pants Day! No source or creator has claimed this holiday, but there is a website that has been promoting this odd holiday for the past 10 years. Also, Wikipedia offers a bit of history for this day. According to the source, No Pants Day began as a prank that eventually transformed into an annual event held the first Friday of the month of May. Celebrations for No Pants Day dates back to 1985.

There is more than one day recorded for this holiday. January 10 is a popular No Pants Day in New York. Participants are known to strip down to their undies at the subway. “The first No Pants Subway ride began with seven riders in 2002 in NYC,” the source writes. The number of participants rose to 150 in 2006.

Sorry to bring you the news of this odd day so late, but you can still take part! Wondering how to celebrate? Simply lose the pantalones! That’s right, skip the pants when you get ready to get out the door.

You’re only allowed to wear what would go underneath your pants. This includes boxer shorts, briefs, a cute slip for the ladies or a fun bloomer will work nicely. Wearing skirts or dresses does not count.

If you don’t feel like taking part of No Pants Day, today is also Baby Day! A day dedicated to celebrating babies. Go out and spoil or simply spend time with your baby, nieces, nephews, or special baby in your life.