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It's not to late to make a great impression this Valentine's Day

Vincent Peach Eternity Necklace Freshwater Pearls
Vincent Peach Eternity Necklace Freshwater Pearls

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away and you still need a gift. Any of these last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas work and will be appreciated by your love who will never know that you waited until the last minute to pull it off.

Have a Valentine’s Day picnic dinner for two but ditch the table and enjoy your meal on the floor! Throw down a blanket or picnic tablecloth and turn your living room into a romantic indoor picnic. Pull out the picnic basket if you have one. And, don’t forget the heart shaped box full of chocolate candy, a Valentine’s day favorite! You’ll find a great selection of Valentine Chocolate filled hearts easily at your local drug store. We love the Chalkboard Heart from Russell Stover. Scribble a personalized message on the chalkboard surface of the heart-shaped lid and let your love know how you really feel!

If you are stumped for ideas for your guy who loves to go camping. Enjoy a “Glamping” trip right at home. Pitch a tent or build a fort by the fireplace indoor or outdoor (depending on the weather of course). No fireplace? Bring on the candles. Place them safely, of course, and as with any fire, don’t leave it unattended. Use blankets or sleeping bags and pillows for lounging and serve some casual food & S’mores of course. Dress in something sexy for your guy like the The Rhonda Shear Sweet Tease Molded Cup Butterknit Gown.

A dozen roses, even right from the grocery store, makes a romantic gift but make it even more special and give your love or have delivered only 11 roses. Keep the twelfth to give her with a love note or love poem tied to the stem. We love Teleflora’s Red Radiance and You Have my Heart arrangements.

Pick up a pretty journal and fill it with handwritten love quotes. Spritz it with the perfume that he loves most on you. Avon Instinct for Her fragrance by is a favorite of a lot of guys out there.

You can do the same with a picture frame, write a pretty love quote in place of a photo and for him, purchase a themed calendar (lighthouses, sports, outdoor, history, whatever he loves) and hand write a love quote for each month.

Fill his coffee cup, briefcase, or even his shoes with candy love hearts. For her, fill her makeup bag, put candy love hearts in her handbag or in a jewelry case like Rowallan of Scotland jewelry keeps the Alice Large Half-Moon Jewelry Case.

Host a Valentine’s Day movie night. It’s fun, low pressure and intimate. Clear the spot where you are going to watch the movie. Lower the lights and make sure you have comfy seats, a nice comfy couch or just throw some big pillows or bean bag chairs on the floor. It might not be the best in healthy food choices but, after all, It’s Valentine’s Day so splurge and bring out the popcorn, soda and candy snacks. You can chat before and after the movie but turn off your cell phones and keep it quiet during the show just like you would do in a real theater. Have some fun and paint your nails in nail polish with Candy names like Keeki Pure and Simple Cotton Candy, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Bubble Gum, Chocolate and Rock Candy.

Enjoy this bonus product spotlight.

Vincent Peach Eternity Necklace Freshwater Pearls


$825.00 (You still have time to snatch this up at a huge discount before Valentine’s Day)

Freshwater Pearls, Premium Leather Eternity Loop Chain, Can be worn at 36″ and 17″

Vincent Peach is a Nashville-based jewelry designer.

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