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It's not the Seahawks' fault, but the Jared Allen soap opera is annoying

Jared Allen before a game against the Detroit Lions on Dec. 29, 2013
Jared Allen before a game against the Detroit Lions on Dec. 29, 2013
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While the Seahawks are investigating ways to improve their team – even if it is in the short term – their pursuit of Jared Allen has become annoying.

Not because of anything the Hawks have done. It's all of the peripheral stuff.

Allen has come across through media reports as a money-hungry player who might no longer have passion for the game – he reportedly is considering retiring if he cannot get $10 million a year, as DeMarcus Ware received from Denver. If that's true, he won't be coming to Seattle, and the Seahawks will be fine with that. Everyone else should be, too.

Meanwhile, some Seahawks fans – many of them bandwagoners or people who just don't understand the economics of the NFL -- are trying to recruit Allen via social media, offering hunting trips and showing scenic pictures of the Pacific Northwest to the avid outdoorsman. Kenny Mayne, a native of Kent, added to his career of self-promotion and goofy stunts by leading his own recruiting effort on Twitter.

Sure, it's all in good fun, but these people are serious. And begging is always annoying.

It's all enough to make us want to wash our hands of this dirty-feeling soap opera.

Allen reportedly will decide this weekend whether to take the Seahawks' offer, which is likely in the range of $7 million a year (what they paid Bennett). It's half of what Allen made in 2013, when he had 11.5 sacks, and the Hawks obviously are hoping the allure of playing on the best defense in the league on a team primed to win another Super Bowl is enough for him to come play in Seattle for a couple of seasons.

If the Hawks get Allen at their price, great. They will stack a defensive deck that is already led by pass-rush aces Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

The simple fact, though, is the Hawks do not need Allen.

All of the recruiters apparently forget the Hawks won a Super Bowl without him and still return most of the key players of the league's No. 1 defense.

Yes, they have lost three D-linemen, and Allen's 11.5 sacks essentially would replace the 11.5 Clinton McDonald, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant combined for.

But the Hawks do not need Allen. He is a luxury, just as Zach Miller and Percy Harvin were when they were overpaid by the Hawks.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider generally know what they are doing – a Super Bowl title makes that clear -- and they certainly know what they can afford to pay Allen.

The annoying question apparently is: Does he care enough to play for $7 million or so and a few hunting trips promised by Kenny Mayne and his minions?

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