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It's not all in your head: Mental Diversions in Houston

Some comic book companies may use Houston in the occasional story, but the crew of Mental Diversions, live , work, and publish from Harris County Texas.

Producing anthology books, original artwork, and their own superhero, fantasy, and sci-fi books they have built up a fan-base that has kept them going since 2010. Several members including publisher/editor/writer/artist, Terry Wagner have shown staying power in the small press world.

With their latest book, Shifters, they have had their best selling title to date. From the employment of local university artists to the participating in Project Graduation with Pasadena Memorial High School, they have become a part of the community as well as part of the local comic book small press. They are also regular attendees at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX.

Shifters is the story of what happens when people with multiple personality disorders are treated with a special drug that allows those personalities to manifest in ways from physical to mental. While some, people are super heroes ,others are monsters. Combining sci-fi, murder mystery, and superheroes, Shifters has been so far a pretty wild ride.

Other titles include Fusion, about a teenager who discovers an ancient suit of powered armor to zombie super-hero, The Corpse.

Mental Diversions is also one of the first small press companies to offer books on the Amazon Kindle.

I was able to conduct a video interview with Terry Wagner at Space City Con held at Moody Gardens this past January. And he gave us some insight into his company and where it's going.

Check the video for the inside scoop on Terry Wagner and Mental Diversions.

Terry is a regular artist at Comicpalooza.

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