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It’s National Lager Day

Pilsner in the grass...looking might green for subzero weather
Pilsner in the grass...looking might green for subzero weather
Photo by Charlie Papazian

It’s National Lager Day Tuesday, December 10… I’ll raise a toast to crisp, well hopped traditional pilsener today and enjoy every moment. Anheuser-Busch InBev announced today that National Lager Day is December 10. Any day of beer is worth celebrating. Whatever your choice is, beer is better.

Taking a look at their “Lager Day” survey can’t help but get me to celebrate the results:

  • 33% of beer drinkers prefer pale ales over lagers
  • 25% prefer IPAs or Stouts over lagers
  • 33% prefer bitter, sweet or fruity flavors over lager

Those statistics are almost unbelievable. Who would have thought that beers other than American light lager would be so favorably received here in the United States.

The Key findings of the survey commissioned by Anheuser-Busch InBev indicate:

  • Beer drinkers prefer lagers 2-to-1 over pale ales and 3-to-1 over IPAs and stouts.
  • Two-thirds of beer drinkers like the crisp flavor of lager more than beers with bitter, sweet or fruity flavors.
  • When it comes to serving style, respondents say enjoying beer in a glass bottle is best (38%), followed closely by beer on draught (32%).

Cheers to beer, choice, diversity and responsible enjoyment year around.

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