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It's more than a game

If love is more than a game, why is it that we treat it like a sport? Men are trying to score and women are defending the end zone. Love is not a competition—it’s more than a game.

We come up with strategies and ways to approach our opponent. In some cases, we even have play books. Ladies are attempting to think like a man in an attempt to win.

Strategizing will only get you so far in love. The fact of the matter is that planning will only get you so far. It will always come to a point that the heart must open.

As a lady, you are not to just open your heart to love; but you are to love with all of your heart. Love does not have its guards up. It’s not playing against its opponent. It’s about love.

You may be tempted to play the game of love, but remember that if you approach it as a game you could lose. If you approach love considering some general principles, you will always come out ahead.

Consider the following tips and put your play book on the shelf:

Be sincere

You are precious and unique. There is no one else like you in the world. Be sure to give your love interest the full effect of you. If you don’t, you are not loving them with all sincerity. If they don’t really get to know you, they are missing out on one of God’s greatest creations.

Be patient

Remember that true love is patience. No one is perfect and people make mistakes. Most of all, you cannot control anyone. Therefore, you must be willing to be patient with your love. He will have issues, and you must be prepared for them. Don’t forget that you have issues too.

Be kind

As you go through your ups and downs in your relationship, remember to be kind. After all, this is someone you love. Treat him with the respect that he deserves. If you ever feel as if you are too upset to be kind, you may need to consider a separation. Be kind to your love, and love him with all of your heart.

In the end, treating love like a game will leave you frustrated and alone. Love with all of your heart with no strings attached, so you can look forward to growing old with your beloved.


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