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It's just a pin prick

This doesn't hurt
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When thinking about needles in the context of medical treatment, we recall those syringes in our doctors' hands. And the whiff of alcohol on cotton swabs used to disinfect the area to be penetrated by those long, pain producing needles. Not pleasant memories at all.

As seniors beset with ailments merely disregarded during our youth, we now have alternative medical procedures to consider for treating lingering back pains, headaches, joint stiffness and whatever else manifests itself in our elder years. One such alternative to Western medical practices, is acupuncture. The thousands of years old Chinese practice has more seniors utilizing it for treating quite a few symptoms that manifest in our golden years.

Take back pains. Acupuncture will treat it with the placement of tiny hair thin pins that will free up the flow of energy or "qi" to the affected areas and are said to balance the energy in those meridian lines. There are 12 energy meridian lines running the length of our bodies according to Cathy Wong, ND, Alternative Medicine Expert, in her article for The pins are inserted quickly with single taps by the practitioner with no discomfort after the initial prick.

There are good results being achieved as the 500 million dollars spent on acupuncture every year will support. And, quite a few medical insurance companies now offer coverage for this alternative procedure.

Allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis are all candidates for this alternative treatment. Check with your medical insurance carrier, and if acupuncture treatment is a covered medical procedure (non experimental since 1997, bythe FDA) why not give it a try?

After all, it's just a little pin prick compared to a syringe poke from yesteryear.

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