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It's hot and it's cold

"Hey!" You look at your clock: it's late at night, sometime after midnight. "U up?" You squint your eyes as you try to remember the last time he's messaged you: it's been about a week. You roll your eyes at the phone as you respond with some generic greeting and a quick "g'nite". Oh, and before you press 'send', you put a random smiley emoticon so that your greeting looks at least somewhat human.

Ah, when things are hot and cold. (Or in the words of one, Miss Katy Perry, "Hot n Cold"). We've all been there at one time or another, and this is more or less how it goes down:

Boy meets girl. Boy gives girl his number. Boy and girl start texting up a storm. Boy and girl see other at school, in class, in the courtyard, across the hall, coming in and out of the restroom, walking up and down the stairs. Boy and girl have mutual friends. Boy and girl are happy when they see each other during mutual friends' parties. Boy and girl make the next jump: hanging out alone. Boy and girl went out to dinners and events. Boy and girl discuss making the next next big jump: commitment. Boy and girl are both on the same page. Next thing girl knows, boy's texts become sparse. Boy then stops texting, with random pop-up texts about once a week if girl does not text. If girl texts, boy completely ignores. Girl is first confused, then frustrated, then "smh" status. Girl is done.

Although the first inclination would be to ask "what the heck is going on?", for some reason it just seems clear that he quite simply lied when explicitly saying he was "ready to take the next step". The douche was too scared to tell you he wasn't ready and instead of communicating that, he decided it would be best to limit communication entirely. As a confident young adult, you know that's not going to cut it; there are plenty of others who would love to hear the 'pling-pling' sounds of their phone going off in between your texts.

Instead of investing more of your precious time, save it for someone who really deserves it. Because lets face it, life is short and you got life you gotta be living right now.

So the next time you get one of his random texts late at night, calmly put down your phone and smile, because you need to get enough sleep for your lunch-date-hottie who "can't wait the next time your face pops up" on his phone whenever you call in the morning.

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