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It's hard to say goodbye to a foster dog

Tanner the foster dog.
Tanner the foster dog.
Steven Hensley

As of this week, Tanner is gone. My latest foster dog, silly, goofy Tanner has gone to a new home in Oklahoma. My whole pack is depressed about it. Cherokee, the foster who never left, is still looking for his best friend. K-2 is still sniffing around for her playmate. Cody wonders why there is a dog misssing that he should be hearding. I am missing him most of all.

I remember all those late nights at the White Rock Lake Dog Park when Tanner ran with all of his friends. I put the light up coller on him so I could track his lightning speed runs across the park. I remember him sneaking into my bedroom at night to curl up into a tiny ball to sleep next to the bed. The other dogs made room for him every time he came in. I remember the goofy way he hung his head upside down when he was on the couch. He will be running with a different pack now.

I remember our last day together. I took him to Downtown Dallas to the Bark Park with K-2. After his romp we decided to take a final tour of Downtown. Walking two beautiful huskies through the downtown streets brings attention. Homeless guys pointed and asked me if they were wolves. Guys in business suits would reach out to pet them. A street musician with a saxophone serenaded them and a valet parking attendant had dog biscuits for them. Tanner will remember Dallas.

Finally the day came for Tanner to go to his new owner. I put my arms around him and he slurped my face in his goofy way. "Goodbye Tanner. No matter where you are or who you are with, you will always be my dog."

People ask me how I can spend so much time with a foster dog and then let him just walk off into the sunset with another owner. It isn't easy, but it is necessary. Tanner needed me. He needed me to train him, to exercise him and to calm him down. But now he has a new owner to take care of him. Now another dog needs me. Tomorrow Newman the blue eyed husky will come from the pound to my house. He will be a little scared from running the streets and being in the pound. A little shaky from being neutered at the vet. The cycle continues.

To find Newman at Texas Husky Rescue:

To find the Dallas Bark Park:


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