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It's great to be a grandparent

It is amazing how being a grandparent is so wonderfully different from being a parent. As the grandparent you get the fun, you get to be the fun and then you get to give back the beautiful little ones when they are done having fun with you. Grandkids look up at you as if you are a guaranteed get of jail free card. They are right, you are. Grandparents, get to play and indulge the kids. All the things you may have gotten mad at your parents for, well, now you are right there doing it. Yes, there you are slipping that one extra cookie or candy, telling your son or daughter to lighten up, that one piece won’t kill their child. You share stories of how their own mommy and daddy were little. You may even let an embarrassing story slip out. Yes, your children are the parents. Your children, the parents now, undoubtedly, suspect that their little angels are not the same kids with them as they are with you. They are right. Grandkids are different with grandparents. The rules are different, the game has changed but the love is the same.

On a recent babysitting excursion, this great-aunt (same grandparents’ rules apply) found that she couldn’t just say no to her wonderful 2 year great niece when she said she didn’t need a nap. Try as she may, the little angel just wouldn’t go down. What to do? Give in. Let her go without the nap. It’s just one day. In a small moment you may even think to yourself what harm could it do? Well maybe not harm but possibly a rough night for your kid. You won’t be there, so, oh well, what the heck? Grandkids, great nieces and nephews are fantastic but spend 4 hours or so and you may realize “this was a lot easier 20 years ago”. It is so worth it though.

On that recent babysitting excursion, the great aunt did not have her wonderful and funny niece take her nap. Mom came to pick her up where she found out that her little darling got her way, no nap. What you see in the link below is what became of the little great niece without a nap. It didn’t take any more than 5 minutes at home for the sleep to come a calling.

To grandparents and great aunts and uncles everywhere, Isn’t it Great?

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