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It's gratitude list time again

Making a gratitude list, either mentally or written, is a beautiful spiritual action. Grateful people are content and compassionate. It's also a helpful tool to prevent resentments. Gratitude and resentments cannot coexist. Try this simple example: Go from thinking This rain sucks! to "I feel grateful for this nourishing, cleansing rain!" It's like walking into a dark room and flipping on a light switch.

And now for a twenty item gratitude list. Not in any order of importance. Just the order they popped into the spirit of the writer!

  • the rain
  • being clean and sober
  • Higher Power
  • ability to read and write
  • my son
  • friends/family
  • a roof over my head
  • clean water
  • food
  • ability to walk
  • internet
  • earth, air, water and fire (even though rain was already said :))
  • herbal teas
  • love
  • struggles (they help me grow)
  • meditation
  • hugs
  • sleep
  • lessons
  • blessings

Feeling gratitude is only part of the equation. Gratitude is also an action. Actions can include: being of service, calling someone who might be struggling, random acts of kindness, not littering, taking care of yourself. Use your imaginative spirit, and you will think of many more!