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It’s Glow Time: The Spark Run and why nighttime races are the best

Spark Run
Spark Run
Courtesy Spark Run

Each year there are literally hundreds of races and fun runs for runners and walkers to test their skills and sometimes even benefit an organization. From mud runs to endurance challenges to paint covered races, there are many different styles to encourage participation, but few can touch the excitement of a night time race. The Spark Run series, which kicks off in Denver on Friday, will be the ultimate night race, complete with live music and awesome checkpoints. Even better, the run will benefit Special Olympics Colorado. A family-friendly night race is the perfect excuse to stay up late and get some exercise, but there are many reasons why races in the dark are the best.

The Music

Most nighttime runs focus on energetic accompanying music to keep the energy high as runners and walkers move along the course. Though music and exercise often go together, typical daytime races rarely put much emphasis on pumping music through the track. The Spark Run will feature the music stylings of DJ and record producer Kaskade, so runners are sure to have some amazing beats to help them along to the finish line.

The Stars

Most people do their outdoor exercises during the day, or maybe even the early evening, so the novelty of running under the stars is a rare opportunity. Nighttime races take place in a safe location lit only by the light of the moon, making for an almost surreal experience.

The Lights

Surrounded by the dark of night, imagine the vivid colors of fellow racers donning vibrant lights and glow sticks as they jog along. A nighttime race allows for illumination that could never occur during the day.

The Weather

As the spring months make their way into summer, the days get hot. Running at night ensures that not only are the temperatures lower, but also that the sun is not beating down your back. The cooler weather is sure to cut your time down, or simply make for a more pleasant run.

Participating in races is always a great venture, day or night, but night races are just a little more fun. Register for The Spark Run here.

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