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It's Fall - Keep Your Pets Safe

Ah, I stumbled upon the greatest thing today – fall scents have come to the stores! So that means soon the air will be cool and crisp and leaves will turn to jewel tons and spiral off the trees. The weather will cease to be sticky and humid and the temperatures will drop down to almost reasonable. Though fall presents some wonderful moments to spend with your pets, it also presents dangers.

The kids are back to school and accompanying them is that awful list of "must-buy" items. Glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, tiny scissors, pencil cases, pens, little toys and containers. Overwhelming.. But tasty to your pet. I know my dogs love to eat pencils and if one hits the floor it's a scramble to see if I can reach it before my friendly canines. My cats, they play with little erasers and pencil holders. By play, I mean they bat them around then eventually pitch them onto the floor where we repeat the scramble with the dogs. Aside from children's tears about the freshly eaten school supplies, your pet could not have gastrointestinal blockages or simply upset stomachs. Upset stomaches lead to diarrhea and then dehydration, so it's best to avoid it all and keep school supplies out of pets reach.

The toxic items also come out in the fall. As rats and mice seek shelter indoors from the cooler temperatures outside, home owners tend to break out the pesticides to discourage that. These products are fatal to your pets. You can control whats in your home and ensure that all pesticides are kept out of the reach of tiny paws, but it's important to keep your pets in your home to ensure they don't come into contact with your neighbors pesticides. Additionally, the mushrooms come back to your yard. Though most are nontoxic and won't hurt your pet – I personally can't tell them apart, so I opt to err on the side of caution and keep them away from my pets.

The cooler weather encourages us to load Fido in the car with us for a quick errand. Be careful though, even temperatures in the 70's can reach fatal levels in your car for your dog. Better to stick to places right now that Fido can go into as well.

All PetSmart and Petco stores welcome your pets as well as some of my favorite stores: Red Bandana, Woof Gang Bakery and Intown Hound are awesome places to take your dog. Of course, the local dog parks are always so much fun in the fall! Lenora Park in Snellville and Piedmont Park in Atlanta are some of my favorites. In addition, Stone Mountain and other parks for people offer day hikes and walks that are perfect for you and your pooch!

Be safe and have fun. Happy fall ya'll!


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