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It's disgraceful

There is no other way to profess what I see in my country, The absolute recklessness of our heritage is dying as we sit by. Democrats, Republicans and whatever you may be must stop this incredible lapse in judgement brought our ignorance as Americans. We are American first and squabbling countrymen second.

Peoples of all color and religion depend on us, They are looking to our righteous good to save them. We do nothing.

I speak for those who fought and died before me, who are now are shamed by what has happened to this mighty and just country.

Sickened is not the correct work I use as I write this.

Is there no one in this vast country that can come to the aid of a great and proud people? My eyes are teary as I watch the millions of dis-attached human beings looking to the skies for America to help them.

This is not political, this is what we call civilization, or used to.

As I write this, the commander-in-chief is on another vacation while the roots of our demise are simmering far away; right in out backyard,

Shame on us for sitting still and viewing our electronic devices rather than paying attention. The world needs us and we are on the sidelines.

Campaign fundraisers, fancy surroundings and smooth words will not fix what is now happening to this wonderful and righteous county,

God help us. Our president is golfing in Martha's Vineyard. Where was President Roosevelt December 7th, 1941, President Wilson in April, 1917 and Abraham Lincoln, 1861?

They weren't at Martha's Vineyard or they would be facing the ire of this great nation. Care to donate to the "cause?" Be angry and just.

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