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2014 Blood Reign anthology
2014 Blood Reign anthology
Thrillerz 13 Entertainment

Blood Reign Literary Magazine, a fledgling literary magazine launched in October 2013 by Thrillerz 13 Entertainment has gone into hibernation to implement several new changes within the magazine’s structure are afoot. The past few issues have come across to the more established authors as boring, mini-anthologies. In the coming issues Blood Reign will be opening up submissions to artists to increase the visual look of the magazine. Blood Reign will also feature more pieces of non-fiction such as editor columns, movie reviews, profiles of upcoming movies, and a section for places seeking submissions for writers divided by genre.

In the coming days the website, and its parent site will feature more up to date information on submissions as well as the services that Thrillerz will be offering.

Blood Reign is also seeking to hire some interns in preparation of the Anniversary edition on October 13, 2014. With interns to work in communication and in social media we hope to improve the speed in which contributing authors are contacted when submissions are accepted, when information needs to be released via twitter/Facebook, and act as contributors to the Blood Reign site. Currently there are no age requirements on interns. The only requirements are a love of the horror genre and of writing. Interested parties can email Blood Reign at with “intern” as the subject line, a few lines about yourself, and your favorite form of horror media. Previous work experience is not required but resumes are welcome.

Blood Reign would also like to be what its title implies, a horror magazine. So with a few minor exceptions from this point forward only short works of fiction and poetry are being accepted for the magazine itself. Short works of fiction are defined as items under 1,000 words and will be paid as stated on the website by word count. Nonfiction pieces are being accepted and authors will be paid on word count as outlined on the website.

New guidelines will be released in August for artwork and photographs submissions to Blood Reign.

The best art work as voted by readers will be the featured piece of art work for the Blood Reign 2015 anthology, name to be announced. The 2014 Anthology, Silent Scream is available for purchase in both print and digital versions on Amazon and Smashwords as edited by Layout Editor Lachelle Redd. It features several great stories including the Best of the Year winners: Mijac Vujacic, Melissa Stanziale, and Essell Pratt.

The Amazon version can be found by clicking here and Smashwords offers multiple formats for digital downloads.

As an added bonus for loyal Blood Reign fans is the addition of a special piece of art work from Bram Stoker nominee Charles Day. Mr. Day is the Horror Writers Association Long Island Chapter Co-Chair, Chair of the HWA Mentoring program, as well as being a partner in several publications ventures including Grant-Day Media and Evil Jester comics.

As the man behind the “Evil Jester” Mr. Day was contacted to add a wickedly brilliant piece of his own collection for the anniversary edition of Blood Reign Lit. He has agreed to allow us to use a piece of his art work in the addition.

Mr. Day brings a unique experience to Blood Reign. As a life time resident of Long Island, he not only knows the exact location of the Amityville House, he has visited several times as a teenager.

With the shift from predominantly fiction to non-fiction for Blood Reign hopefully in addition to the artwork Mr. Day bring his unique experience to Blood Reign as he recently shared with his Facebook friends that another movie from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren are in the works.

As previously reported here, The Warrens are the investigators responsible for investigating the Lutz family haunting in Amityville and its predecessor The Peron Family in Connecticut from The Conjuring.

One of the new columns will feature a paranormal review of books and movies that are inspired by true life occurrences such as The Conjuring, The Amityville Horror Collection, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Entity, and The Haunting in Connecticut. Hollywood doesn’t give the whole story as to what when on behind the scenes as SY FY channel star Jason Hawes snidely remarked on Twitter.

Many of the actual stories can be found by reading the firsthand accounts of the initial investigators on the scene. As the edition comes out just before Halloween the paranormal aspect of the anniversary issue hopes to put its readers in the mood for some spooky Halloween fun!

A special section of the anniversary edition will also feature more information on the annual Horror Writers Association Halloween project, “Halloween Haunts.” More information on this as it becomes available will be posted on both the HWA site, and on my personal site:

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